As a Grande Prairie family dentist, Dr. Boisson has been designing smiles here for almost 30 years. During this time, the monopoly braces enjoyed over fixing misaligned and crooked teeth have come and gone.

The arrival of Invisalign technology has been a great improvement for dentists and patients alike. Correcting skew grins with Invisalign is far more accessible and enjoyable.

Indeed, those of us who had no choice but to wear metal braces view today’s Invisalign users with more than a hint of jealousy.

There are ample benefits to Invisalign that trump metal braces. Here are the top four:

#1 Brushing and Flossing is Easy with Invisalign

Braces make brushing and flossing incredibly difficult. Even the most devoted home hygiene practitioners can hit a wall when it comes to keeping their teeth clean with braces.
Not so with Invisalign! Being able to remove your sophisticated orthodontic solution is a revolution in comfort and convenience.

The removable trays are just that, removable. So whenever you need to eat, you can take out your Invisalign trays and enjoy your meal to the fullest. And brushing and flossing are no different from life without orthodontics. Simply replace your Invisalign when you’re done.

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#2 With Invisalign, Save Time and Eat What You Like!

With metal braces come necessary dietary restrictions. As it is, you are advised to limit your intake of sticky, sugary, and starchy foods for overall dental health without braces.

With braces, those foods become even more threatening to your dental health because there is 32 teeth worth of metal brackets and wires to become entangled in. Consequently, post-meal cleaning with braces can take two or three times longer than regular cleaning.

Eating with Invisalign is as easy as brushing and flossing, simply remove the easy-to-clean trays. Enjoy your food and replace the cleaned trays after brushing and flossing.

At Boisson Dental Group, your Grande Prairie family dentists, we encourage our patients to practice thorough home care. And we feel strongly about offering best practices and tips to help you maximize your dental health. Read our blog ‘Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Smile’ to learn more healthy prevention tips.

#3 Invisalign Looks as Good as It Feels!

With metal braces come wires and brackets. When the wires come unwound, you have sharp edges cutting into your cheeks: not fun at all! And it goes without saying that a mouth full of metal isn’t an optimal look.

With Invisalign, there are no such metal fixtures to damage your flesh or mar your smile’s appearance. Smooth, lightweight trays conform perfectly to your teeth for a frictionless, under-construction smile.

#4 Invisalign Won’t Restrict Your Activities

And the final drawback of metal braces that we’re highlighting is the need to avoid certain sports altogether while they are in use. The reason is that any impact will be doubly severe with a mouth full of metal.

And then there’s Invisalign, which allows you to enjoy all the activities and sports you would without orthodontics. Better yet, because you can remove the trays, you are free to use a bite guard. So not only can you still play contact sports with gusto, you can wear a sports guard, too.

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