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Prevent Gum Disease, Protect Against Alzheimer’s

Here at Boisson Family Dentist Grande Prairie, we like to stay on the cutting edge of medical news, in addition to what is happening in our field. So when the two intersect meaningfully, we are all ears! There has been a lot of interesting research into Alzheimer’s...

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How Cosmetic Dentistry Helps

Here at Boisson Family Dentist, Grande Prairie, we recognize the power of smiles. Certainly, a great deal of dentistry is not just about oral hygiene and health but also about getting the most out of your smile. But don’t worry, it’s not all about vanity! Cosmetic...

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Extracting Wisdom Teeth

So your family dentist in Grande Prairie has recommended that your wisdom teeth come out and you’re looking for a second opinion. When your wisdom teeth aren’t causing you any pain it can be difficult to understand why they need to come out.  While extracting wisdom...

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What Is TMJ?

Dr. Boisson has been serving the Peace Country since 1992. Peace Country, despite its name, isn’t immune to the stressors of daily life. Certainly, our family dentistry practice in Grande Prairie has noticed an uptick in TMJ complaints.  And if you’re feeling extra...

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Why Family Dentistry is Important

Dr. Boisson has been practicing family dentistry in Grande Prairie for almost 30 years. And over the years, the father and son team has seen many Grande Prairie families grow up. Is there a benefit to having a dedicated family dentist? Absolutely! When you find a...

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Root Canal Treatment Myth-Busting

Every family dentist is familiar with the dread expressed by some of their patients at the mention of a ‘root canal’. Certainly, at Boisson Family Dentist Grande Prairie we find misinformation lurking behind perceptions of this particular endodontic treatment. We...

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The Top 4 Reasons We Love Invisalign

As a Grande Prairie family dentist, Dr. Boisson has been designing smiles here for almost 30 years. During this time, the monopoly braces enjoyed over fixing misaligned and crooked teeth have come and gone. The arrival of Invisalign technology has been a great...

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Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Smile

Homecare is an important part of oral health. We all know how important brushing, flossing, and rinsing are. And what foods you eat matters just as much. Avoiding certain foods and consuming healthy alternatives can also help to boost your immunity, energy levels, and...

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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dr. Michael Boisson, a leading Grande Prairie family dentist, has more than 22 years experience placing and restoring implants. Certainly, in Dr. Boisson’s opinion, dental implants are still one of the best ways to permanently replace missing teeth. And the benefits...

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