Homecare is an important part of oral health. We all know how important brushing, flossing, and rinsing are. And what foods you eat matters just as much. Avoiding certain foods and consuming healthy alternatives can also help to boost your immunity, energy levels, and improve your sleep. 

So there are ample reasons for avoiding unhealthy foods and switching them out for fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, whenever possible. For a healthy smile, protect your teeth by avoiding or limiting the consumption of foods that harm enamel or cause inflammation.


Protect Your Teeth, Avoid Sweets

The bacteria that make plaque happen to love sugar! So foods that are mostly made of sugar are going to send them into overdrive. What’s so bad about that? When those bacteria consume sugar, they produce acids that wear down your tooth enamel. 

By eating or drinking sugary products to keep your energy throughout the day, you lengthen this exposure. And this can lead to cavities and other oral health issues. If you’re not ready to cut out sweetened foods and drinks, then take steps to limit their impact. Make sure that you brush and rinse your teeth regularly. If this simply isn’t convenient, then drink regular water as much as possible.


Sticky Foods Wear Down Tooth Enamel

Sticky foods like caramel and cotton candy are the toughest to get out of your teeth since they form a pretty strong bond to the tooth enamel. It takes a dedicated amount of brushing to break down the sticky layer. Forgo the effort to your detriment! 

Generally, it’s safest to avoid sticky foods altogether. However, we’d hate to discourage the consumption of healthy snacks, such as dried fruits, that also happen to be sticky. If these are among your favourites, then be diligent in your home care, brushing and flossing thoroughly after eating.


Hard Foods Can Cause Cracks

Everyone knows how hard it is to resist those salty, crunchy kernels at the end of a satisfying bowl of popcorn! And yet, this can be a dental emergency waiting to happen. As tough as your teeth are, using them to crack tough food items is an unnecessary gamble. Crunching on ice at the end of a drink is also not advisable for the same reason. 


Avoid Starch-Laden Snacks

Who doesn’t love indulging in a bag of potato chips? Unfortunately, these salty satisfying snacks are also dental enamel enemies! Why? Because they get stuck between your teeth easily and are starch-laden. If not followed with proper brushing and flossing, these starches wreak the same havoc on your enamel as sugary foods. 


Carbonated Soft Drinks Are Hard on Teeth

Okay, so we’ve already cautioned you against sweetened drinks, but pop gets its own separate word of caution. And that is because carbonated soft drinks do double damage to your teeth with a combination of sugar and acid. Does that include diet sodas? You bet. Because carbonated soft drinks are highly acidic, they will erode your tooth enamel with or without sugar. 


Embrace Healthy Foods for a Healthy Smile

Protecting your teeth is as essential for your health as a good diet. Your mouth is the gateway to your body, so ensuring that you are protected from gum disease and cavities helps to bolster your overall health. Generally, by avoiding sweets, crunchy, hard, or sticky foods, you’re already doing your teeth a huge favour! 

If you’re having a hard time ditching some of those guilty pleasures, remember that improvement is the goal, not perfection. Substituting every other can of pop for a glass of tap water is a great first step! And making sure that you’re flossing and brushing daily will go a long way to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Your oral health is our passion, so we are always happy to chat with you in-office about ways to improve your oral health. 

For an extra boost of motivation, book your next dental hygiene appointment!