Top 4 Causes of Cavities That You Should Know About

Dr. Boisson has been a family dentist in Grande Prairie for over 28 years. Here in Grande Prairie, dentists encounter the same general dentistry issues seen everywhere. Namely, cavities are a common issue which we’d like to address in this article.

Regardless of your age, cavities affect everyone. And they can cause pain, discomfort, and with significant, long-term neglect, they can become life-threatening.

Luckily, your friendly, local Grande Prairie dentist has you covered. And the best way to prevent cavities in the first place is to avoid developing them altogether! This is why it is important to make a habit of caring for your overall health and hygiene.

Poor Diet

Okay, you’ve been told to avoid sticky, sugary snacks, to brush regularly and to floss, all in the name of fighting cavities. But did you know that your overall diet plays an important role in prevention, too?

Accumulating food, particularly sugar, on your gums and teeth, causes the formation of bacteria that causes cavities. Highly processed foods containing white flour and white sugar, both highly processed ingredients, not only coat your teeth in harmful sugary substances, but they also do nothing to help your body maintain optimal nutrition.

And the vitamins and minerals that you receive from natural, particularly plant-based foods like leafy greens, vegetables, and whole grains, do assist your body’s cavity-fighting abilities.

Namely, a healthy diet assists with saliva production and flow. When your mouth produces saliva optimally, it hydrates your oral tissues, reducing the acidity of the oral environment.

Feel free to discuss diet and optimizing saliva production when you come in for a checkup with your dentist. Grande Prairie patients, we are right around the corner!


Many of the medications we take are absolutely crucial for our health, depending on our personal health histories and circumstances. Unfortunately, some of these medications can put our oral health at risk when we aren’t diligent about brushing or rinsing when we use them.

For instance, asthma inhalers can cause thrush, a yeast infection of the mouth, if the user doesn’t gargle or rinse regularly after use. And many over-the-counter vitamins and cough medicines use sugars and additives to make them palatable.

When you visit your Grande Prairie dentist, make sure you mention any special medications you may be taking. The more information we have the better!

Excessive Brushing

So not brushing enough can definitely cause cavities. But brushing incorrectly can also encourage the development of cavities! If you brush too hard or use a very hard-bristled toothbrush, you can wear down the protective enamel on your teeth. Overtime, the weakened enamel becomes susceptible to bacteria.

If you’re worried that by not brushing hard enough you won’t be cleaning your teeth, bring this up with your family dentist on your next visit. They will be able to show you exactly how to brush and recommend the appropriate strength brush bristle.


Lastly, your genetics could impact your susceptibility to cavities. For instance, some of us are simply born with softer tooth enamel. Clearly, this makes brushing vigorously and eating sugary snacks more risky for some than for others with tough, sturdy enamel.

Certainly, in these cases genetics aren’t destiny and with maintenance, care, and regular checkups, you needn’t focus on what you can’t control.

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