Orthodontic Dentist in Grande Prairie

These are some important signs that indicate you may need to visit an orthodontic dentist.

Orthodontic dentists generally deal with the treatment of deformities within the teeth and the jaw. Many people are not aware of the symptoms that indicate there is an irregularity in the mouth. You can find a very professional orthodontic dentist in Grande Prairie.

If you have any of the following signs, then you should make an appointment to see an orthodontic dentist immediately:

Breathing problems when sleeping

If you have trouble breathing while sleeping, then there is a possibility that the problem is a misaligned jaw. People who have this problem tend to breathe through their mouth at night because the misalignment causes a restriction of air within the passage. It will be advisable for you to visit an orthodontic dentist if you suffer from this condition, so that you can get a full examination done.

Challenges in pronunciation

An unintentional slur, lisp or mis-pronunciation of certain letters could also be a sign of misaligned teeth. When teeth overlap, it becomes very difficult to pronounce certain words or letters properly. A visit to the orthodontic dentist will help address the problem that needs to be solved to enable proper speech.

Persistent bad breath

If you have a problem with bad breath even after brushing your teeth, this could be a sign of bacteria caught in between crowded teeth. The accumulation of bacteria usually leads to infection and persistent bad breath. An orthodontic dentist will help to solve the problem of crowded teeth; this will also eliminate the problem of persistent bad breath.

Gaps between the teeth

A significant gap between the teeth is another reason why you should visit an orthodontic dentist. Big gaps between the teeth tend to increase the risk of gum infection. Closing up these gaps will improve your appearance and also reduce the possibility of getting a gum infection.

Persistent pain in the jaw

Persistent jaw pain is usually a sign of a greater problem. There could be many reasons for the pain, including misaligned teeth. It will be prudent to have it examined by an orthodontic dentist.

Difficulties when chewing food

Misaligned teeth may cause difficulties when chewing because they create overbites, crossbites, and even underbites in the mouth. All of these will prevent your teeth from coming together properly, making it difficult to chew. An orthodontic dentist will be able to correct these misalignments.

An early loss of baby teeth

An early loss of baby teeth may cause problems with the growth of permanent teeth, such as gaps and misalignments. These problems can be handled by an orthodontic dentist.

If you happen to experience any of the above symptoms, ensure that you make an appointment to visit your orthodontic dentist sooner rather than later.

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