Here Are 5 Good Reasons for You to Get a Dental Bone Graft on Your Jawbone

Dental bone grafting is a simple procedure that restores the loss of bone to your jaw. It helps to restore your appearance and will also give a good base for dental implants. The material used can either be synthetic, your own bone, or bone from another human who is deceased. This material is grafted into your jaw bone and begins to grow as one bone, making the jaw very strong. The following are some good reasons for you to get this type of grafting done.

1. Tooth loss

Losing a tooth can be a very unpleasant experience. It will cause you the inconvenience of having an ugly gap in your mouth, and this will in turn have a negative effect on your appearance. Once you do a bone graft, your jawbone will stop receding from inside and you will also be able to maintain a pleasant appearance despite the fact that you have missing teeth.

2. Dental implant

After tooth loss, you may desire to get some dental implants. You will need to have a strong jaw bone that will be able to hold the implants. If your jaw has already become weak, you will need a bone graft on your jaw bone to strengthen it before the dental implants are put in. The implants will last longer on your jaw after it has been strengthened.

3. Receding jawbone

If you notice that your jawbone has already begun to recede because of tooth loss, then you should definitely go for a dental bone graft. A receding jawbone is a sign that it is being absorbed on the inside .The bone graft will help restore your jawbone to its original strength, and this will also improve your appearance.

4. Gum disease

Sometimes severe gum disease can actually destroy the bones in the socket of your tooth. This can cause your teeth to become loose to the point of falling out. You will need to undergo full treatment for gum disease, after which you should go for a bone graft to restore the bone in the socket. This will help you to preserve the teeth that had been affected by gum disease.

5. Dentures

If you have plans of getting dentures, then you will definitely need a good strong jaw to hold them. Dentures are a great option for elderly patients who have lost several teeth. In order for dentures to be installed properly, you will need to have your jawbone strengthened, and this is where a bone graft can help. Dentures will last longer if your gum is strong.

Having a dental bone graft is a great way to keep your jaw and oral cavity strong. You will have the double benefit of being able to install implants or dentures as well as maintaining a great appearance.