Dental CT scans

Dental CT scans provide 3D views of the teeth, soft tissues, jawbone and nerve pathways. All this is captured in a single scan and are more detailed than X-Rays. Most dentists have adopted the use of CT scans for the diagnosis and treatment of the following complex conditions:

  • Dental implant placement
  • Reconstructive surgery planning
  • Examining the jaw, nerves, nasal cavity and sinus cavity
  • Surgical plans for impacted teeth
  • Diagnosis of oral disorders and TMJ

Accurate diagnosis

The dentists need an accurate diagnosis of the oral conditions of their patients. The CT scans reveal every part of the mouth. Due to its accuracy in diagnosis, the scan will enable the dentists to provide the right treatment.

Quick dental procedures

The CT scan helps to speed up the diagnosis and treatment of oral infections. Due to the clarity of its images, dentists can detect oral infections much faster. That enables the patients to receive faster treatment and for the dentists to serve more clients.