The benefits of laser dentistry in Grande Prairie Alberta

In recent years, laser dentistry has become more widely used due to its many benefits. Dental lasers can be used to make treatments more precise and less painful, in addition to minimizing damage to surrounding tissues during treatments. Dental lasers are an asset to both general and cosmetic dental procedures. Our friendly Grande Prairie dentist is dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality care, which is why we employ the use of dental lasers at our clinic!

Dental lasers use an extremely focused light beam to treat, reshape or remove soft tissue in the mouth. Patients generally bleed less during treatment with dental lasers and are less likely to require sutures. Patients are also less likely to acquire an infection after treatment as dental lasers sterilize the areas that they are used to treat. Our Grande Prairie dentist uses dental lasers in a variety of procedures, such as treating gum disease, canker or cold sores, and performing biopsies.  Dental lasers have made many dental treatments quicker less invasive with shorter recovery times for patients. Dental lasers can also be used to:

  • Lengthen crowns
  • Help extract wisdom teeth
  • Treat infections during root canals
  • Remove overgrown tissues
  • Perform frenectomies
  • Remove benign oral tumours
  • Whiten teeth

If you require a surgical treatment, laser dentistry can make the process easier and more comfortable as well as shorten your recovery time.  Ask our Grande Prairie dentist about laser dentistry if you have upcoming dental work that needs to be done.