Everything you wanted to know about dental crowns in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Teeth tend to be things you don’t really think about until there’s a problem. If you’ve ever had a deep cavity that required a root canal, an abscess or a broken tooth, you know all too well that when a dental problem arises there’s no taking your mind off of it!

When a dental emergency occurs, the main goal of our dentist is to save the tooth. Sure, dental implants and bridges are available if the tooth is unsalvageable, but our Grande Prairie dentist always tries his best to restore the patient’s natural tooth. One way we do that is with the help of dental crowns. A crown is a dental restoration used to restore a tooth’s shape, appearance and function. A dental crown is generally cheaper than an implant, and can last for decades with proper care. If your tooth is broken or weakened due to a root canal, your dentist will likely recommend a crown.

In order to place a crown, your tooth will have to be filed down. Don’t worry, your tooth will be anesthetized during the whole procedure! This treatment is generally uncomplicated and not as invasive as having a dental implant placed. Your crown will be custom made from an impression of your natural teeth. The crown will be created to blend in with the rest of your teeth, so you can smile big and noone will know you have a crown but you (and your dentist)! Crowns are generally  made of porcelain, ceramic, or a metal alloy blend.

Once your crown has been placed, it’s important to maintain regular dental visits and a good oral hygiene routine at home. While crowns can occasionally become loose or fall out, they can definitely last for a patient’s lifetime if properly cared for. We also recommend that patients with crowns avoid chewing on hard or very sticky substances such as ice or toffee. If you have any questions about dental crowns, be sure to give our Grande Prairie Dental office a call at (587)-771-7668