All-on-4™ is an effective treatment for restoring the appearance and function of a patient’s mouth when there are multiple teeth missing, or when teeth need to be extracted due to deep decay or damage from gum disease.

The All-on-4™ systems consists of custom-made restorations that are affixed to a series of four dental implants. The dental implants serve as a firm foundation for the restoration to be affixed to. Unlike removable full or partial dentures, All-on-4™ is a permanent solution to missing teeth.

All-on-4™ is sometimes called ‘Teeth in one day’, due to the fact that dramatic changes in a patient’s smile can be accomplished in just a short period of time. The treatment works by inserting four titanium implants into the gum line of either the upper or lower jaw, wherever there are missing teeth. The gums will need some time to heal after the implants are inserted, but in some cases temporary teeth can be placed over the implants during the healing time. During this time, permanent teeth will be custom created for the patient in a dental lab.

The restoration is designed to closely mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. The treatment will leave you with secure dentures, enabling you to enjoy food and feel comfortable again knowing that your dentures are stable. Recovery time is quick, as most of our patients are back to their regular routines the next day. The implants will also work to maintain the size of the jaw in patients who are missing all of their teeth by preventing the jawbone from shrinking, which can happen with the older style removable dentures. Another benefit is the ease of cleaning your implant supported dentures – they can be snapped out for easy, thorough cleaning. Boost your self-confidence with secure, permanent dentures.