Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design is an exciting new concept in dental technology that Boisson Dental Group in Grande Prairie is now offering to patients. It is software that dentists are using to complete a digital project of the aesthetical and functional smile restoration through simple and automatic tools. Through this software patients will be able to see their new smile before any treatment has even begun. It is an incredible tool for people who are unsure or nervous about what the final result may look like.

The Digital Smile Design Process

Enhanced Digital Photography – This is how we begin to design your smile using current photographs of you.

Video Analysis – When we are talking normally our lip movements are very different in comparison to a posed or fixed smile. We are never fully able to see ourselves the way that others are able to, therefore a video analysis is a great mechanism in order to view how your smile relates to your face during normal speech and interaction.

Smile Design Analysis – When designing the changes to your smile we start with the end result in mind. We incorporate our knowledge with modern dentistry in order to find a solution that works at both an aesthetic and biological perspective. We then render this to our team of professionals that include dental technicians, specialists and a team of ceramists and it is their role to advise on all factors that will provide you the patient, with beautiful, natural results.

Test Drive – At this stage of the process, we can make decisions on the look of your tooth, for example the length, shape and colour etc. This is a preview of the potential result.

Final Preparation Design – Final designs are settled upon and we disclose to you the cost of your treatment and the timeframe in which it will be completed in. We will also provide you with any necessary patient information.

Predictable Results – After the treatment is complete we will capture photography and video. Once you see the results you will find it very difficult not show off your new look.

Treatment Options

Digital Smile Design was created to address a range of dental concerns while using a variety of different dental procedures. Many people choose to have these procedures because of discoloration, misalignment and missing teeth. In order to determine the correct and effective treatment for you, things like alignment, tooth colouring and proportion will be taken into consideration.

Discoloration– In order to effectively treat discoloration, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers may be recommended.  Discoloration occurs as a result of an individual’s eating habits, smoking habits and ageing.

Misalignment – A popular treatment option for misalignment is porcelain veneers or Invisalign® clear braces. Treatment for misalignment issues would be based on the severity of the misalignment.

Missing Teeth – For those who are missing a tooth or teeth an examination will be conducted and once completed a dental implant or bridge may be recommended to replace the missing teeth.  These options can improve the appearance of your smile and also restore your tooth/teeth and jaw function and digestion.

Digital Smile Design Consultation

If you are considering Digital Smile Design treatment, we ask that you attend a consultation appointment with us at Boisson Dental Group. It is here that we will have the chance to discuss your plans and your perfect end result. We will take you through some images, case studies and slides, allowing you to see some previous dental results. In order for us to create the best smile and complement your facial features, Dr.Boisson and his team will take into consideration lip line, eye position, jaw angle and facial shape.

Once your consultation is over, Dr. Boisson and team will analyze your photographs, X-rays and the digital analysis of your teeth. When convenient for you a second appointment will be scheduled and we will be able to disclose the cost and provide you with computer generated images of your new teeth. If you are satisfied with the personalized treatment plan we will begin treatment.

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